Ltd and cppd lump sum

Can you please answer this question. I am long term disability and was going to try and return to my job. I have been off for 18 months. Turns out my company will not give me my prior work arrangements back and I have a legal case going on for that.

But the question I would specifically like to know is my Ltd private insurance is ending my claim in 4 weeks due to the fact I was capable of doing own job as I was going back. Meanwhile they made me apply for cppd and I was just approved last week. There is a lump sum coming for 17 months. Do I have to give this to the private insurance company? They are ending my claim because I was going back to own job. If I can keep this lump sum it would at least give me something to live on. Am I obligated as my aim is ending? I did sign a irrivocable consent but cppd have said I can revoke it and will send the money to me.

Also one more question. If my claim ends going do I have to appeal it. I had a letter stating 90 days but then I heard two years?

Not sure if you can keep the lump sum payment form CPP-D. But even if you keep it what is the worst thing that will happen? The insurance will just ask you to give the money back. That`s all.

I think you are in a situation where you need to consult a disability lawyer ASAP. Call Resolute Legal if you don’t have any other options. They are quite professional.

Depending on the wording of your benefits plan, you would have to pay back the insurance company for the corresponding months you were eligible for insurance benefits and CPP-D benefits.
Your plan is individualized for your company, so if your insurance letter says 90 days for appeal then you have 90 days. It does not matter what you hear from anyone else.

If you cannot return to your employment or any employment for medical reasons, you should have your doctor/treating physician write that in a letter to your insurance company asap. This should continue your insurance benefits.