LTD and CPP Child Rearing Provision

I’ve been on LTD/CPPD since 2010. Recently I found out about the CPP child rearing provision. I raised my child alone and didn’t work for a couple of years or worked part time when she was young. I think I could receive a fairly substantial retroactive payment.

I haven’t applied for the provision yet, as I’m concerned about what might happen with the LTD insurance. I don’t want the CPP extra amount to be clawed back by the insurance company and/or my future LTD insurance payments reduced. I’m planning my retirement now and only have 7 years of LTD payments left. I’m willing to wait to apply for the child rearing benefit to avoid a clawback.

Would the child rearing provision money have to be clawed back? Does CPP notify the insurance company if there’s a change in my benefits? I know that when I receive a yearly increase in my CPPD it doesn’t affect my LTD amount.

I forgot the answer but I think the child rearing payment is not clawed back by LTD.
Check your policy wording.
I’m pretty sure CPPD does not notify the insurance company about your payments.

My child rearing provision is not clawed by LTD