Insurance Underwriters for applying for Disability Insurance

Did you know: Disability Insurance Underwriters have a long list of medical impairments that guide them as to whether the Client applying will be declined or accepted on a policy??? Wow!

Applicants that have any of the following conditions are not eligible for Sickness Disability or Sickness Disability Extension coverage:
• Alzheimer’s disease
• Parkinson’s disease
• Huntington’s chorea
• Multiple sclerosis
• Lupus or systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)
• Stroke – cerebrovascular accident or transient
ischemic attack (TIA)
• AIDS or AIDS-related disease
• Hepatitis other than Hepatitis A
• Diabetes
• Lou Gehrig’s disease – amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
• Alcohol or drug abuse in the past 7 years
• Cancer – except basal cell skin
• Heart disease, including heart attack, angina, valvular
surgery, coronary bypass surgery or angioplasty (excluding
controlled high blood pressure)

Where did you get the list?
It doesn’t apply to all insurers for sure.
I doubt some of them apply to any insurer.
Maybe it is a list for junior “approvers” and if the client has anything on the “list”, the file automatically goes to a senior “approver”.

It was published in June 2016 by Manulife. Therefore it would definitely apply to them and seeing as they are such a multi-million dollar company I don’t doubt it applies to a lot of large insurers. It most definitely does not state it’s a list for “junior approvers”. It’s also a Canadian document. I believe this is for personal disability insurance rather than group insurance - but who knows.

I know one person got LTD due to a stroke but that was with Sun Life.
I recommend you still fight for LTD if you have a condition on the list and your doctor says you can’t work.

Carmel, I expect what you saw relates to them offering individual insurance policies where they do underwriting to determine whether to provide the policy. This type of thing would not apply to most group insurance situations.

David Brannen

Disability Lawyer with Resolute Legal

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pre-existing condition stuff?

That would be my assumption.

I agree with you. It looks like it’s for assessing personal disability insurance. But whoa is it ever detailed! If I were looking to get a personal disability policy with Manulife it would be near impossible. They restrict pretty much everything.

I got offered disability insurance when I got my car loan.
I turned it down because I expected a fight in claiming it since I have a known pre-existing condition.

This is scary stuff especially for people with one or more of these conditions

Which is why I try to avoid stuff like that.