How often does Manulife review ltd claims after 5 years


I have been on ltd with Manulife for over 5 years now. They contacted me regularly for years, but it has been close to 6 months since they have contacted me. Does anyone know how often on average, they do reviews on files at this point in a claim?


There is not really a general rule on this. Sometimes changes in contact frequency can be random. Like the individuals handling your claim being out on sick leave or dropping the ball. You can’t always read too much into it. That being said, after a few years the frequency of contact usually does decrease and can go to once or twice per year.


I’ve been on Ltd with sunlife for a little over 3 years, I only hear from them once a year.


I wish! I’ve been off over 6 years and this past 6 months is the longest I’ve gone without hearing from them. I asked the admin who contacted me what the frequency is now that I have not heard from them. She stated if nothing has changed then a year. I would love one year off to just focus on my health for once.