EI premiums deduction on LTD payment while on CPP-D

I fail to understand the logic behind EI premiums being deducted from LTDI payments when you are also on CPP-D. Anyone else in a similar situation?

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I have been wondering about this as well! Especially for those of us that know and LTD and CPP-D knows/concluded that we will never be able to return to employment…
In these times every cent helps and is needed.

Why are you still paying into EI?
Sounds like a mistake.

Was wondering Canuck if you were able to get some info on this matter? Still have EI being deducted and have been on CPP-D for quite a few years and LTD much longer.

Just like everyone else would prefer not contacting them…

Hi, EI premiums continue to be deducted from my payments because my LTDI benefit is a Wage Loss Replacement Plan (WLRP) funded entirely by my employer so according to CRA guidelines EI has to deducted. Here is a link from CRA that has details and a link to a federal court decision in this regard.

Hope this helps.

Thanks so much for the info!! Is there some way of finding out if my plan is a WLRP without contacting the Employer or Insurance Co.? Although from what you said I would guess that mine is the same hence the deduction… sigh.

Most disability benefits are WLRP when employer administers it in some shape or form, the inference is that if the employer was paying the LTD premium then it most likely administers it too either directly or through 3rd party so the employer exerts control over the disability benefits therefore EI is to be deducted.

Do not deduct CPP contributions and EI premiums from wage-loss replacement plan benefit payments when the employer does one of the following:

  • does not exercise a degree of control over the plan
  • does not directly or indirectly determine the eligibility for benefits