Update authorization

Hi there. I have been off work since august of 2017 on EI. I was approved January of 2018 for LTD. They are not bothering me a whole lot but every once in awhile i get an email or a call. They get what they need when they ask me. I just received an email about signing a update authorization. So they can access my Drs and whoever else they need to get more info. Is this ok? Im going to ask my Dr to look at this.

It depends if you think you need to be the middle person.
With the authorization they could ask your doctors for reports (cutting you out).
Drawbacks would not knowing when or what each doctor says.

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This new authorization is typical. It could be that they maybe looking to see if they could get you into a rehab program/return to work or IME. It could also just be a new form that they are sending out.

Review the form, it is likely very broad.

Thank you I am seeing my dr tonight so she can let me know what to do.