T4A(P) statement of canada pension plan for my kids under 10 years old?

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I got my CPP-D approved this year and just I received T4A(P) statement of canada pension plan for my kids whom are under 10 years old with their SIN numbers and their name on it. is it supposed to be like that? If so, When I file my income tax, do I file the T4A(P) under my income tax or file under their name and their income tax form?? thank you! , the amount is under $13600

The T4A(P) shows box 20 with taxable CPP Benefits and box 17 Child Benefit

according to HRBlock.ca

If your minor child has received a T4A(P) slip for the Child Benefit, this income is considered your child’s income and you don’t need to include this slip in your return. Most likely, your child’s income for the year is lower than the basic personal amount and he or she won’t need to file a tax return for the year. Refer to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website to check if your child needs to file a return for the year.

However, if you’re claiming your child as an eligible dependant, you’ll need to include the amount from box 20 of the T4A(P) in your child’s net income for the year and enter the net income on your return. Follow these steps in H&R Block’s 2021 tax software to enter your child’s net income on your return:

Note : Before you begin, make sure you’ve told us that you have dependants on the Your family page under the ABOUT YOU icon on the GET STARTED tab.

  1. Click on the ABOUT YOUR DEPENDANTS icon on the GET STARTED
  2. Enter your dependant’s net income* in the field next to the question, What’s this dependant’s federal net income for 2021? ( line 236 on their 2021 T1 General )

*If your child is not required to file a return, simply enter the amount from box 20 of their T4A(P) slip into this field.

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You file under your child’s name. You don’t have to file if no taxes are payable.
I’m not an accountant but I believe this to be accurate.

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file under their names meaning create separate tax return under their names? they are under 10 years old and they are dependants , living with me and my wife…

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My child is under 18 and I do it the way I described. An accountant does my taxes and Revenue Canada had never complained.
I thought if you had a spouse or common law partner (and living together) you couldn’t claim a child as an eligible dependent. See the attached link
Line 30400 – Amount for an eligible dependant: Can you claim an amount for an eligible dependant? - Canada.ca

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I am also no tax expert, but what members are saying is my understanding of this as well. If you have doubts just ask CRA.