Need to find an accountant

After receiving my lump sum from being approved for CPPD (which I had to give to Manulife last year) I want to make sure my taxes are filed correctly. Should I use a specific type of accountant who has experience with this type of situation?

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Read this thread:

I don’t use accountants.

Also, apply for the disability tax credit (DTC).

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Not sure. I usually file my own taxes. Probably any tax accountant will be able to file your tax return.

The only thing is that this tax return has to be sent by mail. You cannot submit it online. Your tax accountant can prepare it on their software and print it out for you. Then you’ll have to send it along with all the letters from Service Canada to your local CRA office. They will review it and adjust everything accordingly. I guess any experienced tax accountant would know the details. If not they can always call CRA and they will explain how to do it…

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