LTD Denial 2nd time

Hello everyone, I am in my second denial appeal process with Sunlife, they have all my doctors and ENT specialists records, my doctor has written them a three page letter deeply describing my condition and the effects it has on me, and possible more in the future. They received this letter and in the letter it specifically said for them to contact him (my doctor) for any related questions due to me not being able to hear very well and confusing words. They are harrassing me by phone and by email asking me more questions about my condition, i have written them back saying that they are neglecting the instructions provided by my doctor and to contact him, they still sent me another email afterwards requesting that i need to provide them with these answers. The funny thing about this is the questions they were asking were pretty much written in my doctors letter prior to them asking. I don’t get it is this trickery??

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I think you need to play the game (yes I know it’s not a game but jump through the hoops). For things that were in the doctor letter say “see page 2 of Dr. X’s letter dated xxx”. It will reflect poorly on them if you do have to go to court.

Also beware of limitations period for suing running out, you may need to start a lawsuit anyway. Check with a lawyer to be sure. Resolute Legal has a free consult available that might be able to help you.

I have been playing it via emails this week, i have told my doctor what is going on and he said to answer them only through email for I cannot hear very well and get a lot of mixed messages, answer the questions in the same context of his letter…so apparently i received another email saying they are going to be sending my email off to their medical consultant…be 10 days to hear back from them

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I hope it works out.
I is horrible to have to wait.