Length of time after an offer of buyout to the start of negotiations

I received a call form my disability insurance company, in late November, that they were interested in offering me a buyout on my remaining months and years of my LTD. I have currently been on LTD for a bout three years. I asked how long before I would be contacted, reply was, Christmas was coming up so I should expect a call in January. During the month of Jan. My worker was changed, and my file sent to her. I waited for 4 months with no call or letter of any kind to this offer. Call my new worker and she said she didn’t even know that an offer had been made, she verified the information that I was tell her, and she said she would work on it. Two more months go by, I call again and she told me that I fell into a crack and that she had forgot all about it. Told me she would get on top of this with apologies. Month and a half later I call back my worker, tells me she forgot all about me, says it was all her fault, was sorry for the delay. Because I thought this unusual, I checked again to what was happening with my claim, in early July, she said that she sent the file but could tell me no more information, I asked her if this offer of the buyout is off the table but was assured that it was not. I am waiting for some sort of conformation, in a letter, a call, an email, but nothing comes to confirm that my buyout is even being offered. Is this unusual for workers to forget, not return calls, not tell their client about what is happing to his claim, just generally not working on my case. Should I try to contact a supervisor or management for the incompetent way I have been treated .

A buyout is typically not worth doing.
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