Human Rights Complaints against LTD Provider

If anyone has filed a Human Rights Complaint against your LTD provider I would love to chat. I would like to file a complaint against my provider and case manager.

I’ve had some pretty nasty calls from my case manager. Most recently she told me to find a new therapist, that the medications I’m using is not going to help and I need to go on different medications. I’ve had severe side effects from medications and my dr has taken me off the medications. My case manager is aware of this and she told me I need to start riding out these side effects. This entire conversation she was yelling at me. This conversation of being yelled at, lectured and given medical advice from my case manager went on for about 45 mins. I have over 20 pages of documentation from 2 specialists and they won’t accept it as proof of my disability because the letters didn’t come from my family dr. Which was their exact words. I filed a complaint through the Ombudsman and the only resolution they provided was that they talked to the manager about their behaviour.

I most recently received a call stating they sent my dr a request for documentation. They told me my dr hasn’t responded to them and if they don’t receive it in 3 weeks I will be cut off.

I filed a complaint against mine which is still under review


I am considering filing a complaint as well.
Did you tape the calls? I have a denied claim currently and I am kicking myself for not taping abuse.
Have you requested a full and complete copy of your claim file?
Anytime an Insurer is requesting info from your doctor and opting to pay for it usually means they are looking for rehab options or trying to get your dr. to say you can go back to work.

Make an appt. with your Doctor just to get the documents sent out.

Also ask them to only contact you via email.

I have been recording the calls and I have followed with an email to the case manager about the inappropriate things she has said. I’ve contacted the Ombudsman who was no help.

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I have some questions on how you went about it. Did you find a lawyer to assist you?