Effects of closing off insurance and collecting severance


Does your policy say severance is deducted from LTD?
If it doesn’t say then it might not be.
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Yes I’m pretty sure.


Your policy should mention if severance is deducted from LTD.

Mine says it doesn’t.


When I called she said it’s a deductible.
My question is if it’s suspended justvtge 10 months or based on the gross amount?


I wouldn’t know that. Probably total amount. You should confirm that with your insurer.

Or if somebody had this experience may share it here.


How likely is the insurer saying what they typically do without knowing what the policy actually says?


The insurer says its seen as income.

I just don’t know if they look at the gross or the net over10 months


My policy only refers to specific types of income related to the disability (employment income is not mentioned).
I think the policy must specifically use the wording “severance” but that is from a quick google search and the top hits were lawyers trying to make money.

I would guess it is gross but ask the insurer.


Thank you for checking


Read your policy it should show ?