Disability tax credit worth it?

Just curious for those who have applied recently. Is it worth it come tax time? Since it is a non refundable credit does it really make a big difference/ any responses would be appreciated.

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It should be worth it for me because I have some investments and hopefully it will lower my income taxes.

Yes for taxes. Kept CPPD lump sum payout from bumping me over low income threshold. That allowed me to maintain access to low income programs in my city.

The grants and bonds attached to DTC are huge. Google it.

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searching is correct.

Yes it is. You can open an RDSP and get Government grants if you are under age 49. If you are over age 49 no grants or bonds but you can still shelter your taxable investments/accounts.

Yes it is always worth getting. 1. It is documentation that supports your disability 2. If you can not get a benefit from the tax deduction you can transfer to a family memeber who is involved in caring for you.