CRA taking CPP benefitsī

Hi I have a complicated situation. The CRA have frozen my account based on Income taxes for 2010 11 anf 12 when i was with my ex husband. It is a mistake abd I am currently trying to get my tax accountant to return my calls. My ex husband claims he was already taxed for the rental income in his house for tbose years. They are trying to tax us twice. Still untill I can get that resolved they have frozen my account where the only income coming in is my CPP survival benefits. I recieve those and am curently living commonlaw with my partner. we have a joint account. He recieves CPP disability payments due to his sever stroke and his mental capacity. On top of that ODSP tops us up a few hundred dollars. I want to pleed with the CRA lady about why we need her to unfreeze my account but I am terrified that she will freeze our joint account and his income leaving us homeless and him being mentally incapacitated and physically handicapped ( in wheel chair, left side poralysis)he canot stay in shelters. he needs constant care which is why i collect with him on ODSP so we can survive. Are my fears justified about our joint account and ghe fact that he is my spouse? I have been told not to file recent returns untill this is worked out.

I have no idea, these are probably questions for a lawyer.
Best wishes.

You would need to speak with tax lawyers, rather than disability lawyers.