Cost of Doing your job if we win


Since ill bw getting roughly 70-75 % of buyout how much would u recieve in percentage…?Will it be worth it aftet all of your expenses as well ill be down to maybe 45-50%


It is not usually worth agreeing to a buyout.


Hi! I was on disability last October. I have a loan from one of them financial institution and secure an income protection.somebody told me if I buy insurance protection,Imy loan will be paid off and I owe nothing to their company. I bought insurance and it cost me a lot. Now they’re telling me I still owe them money. I would like to talk to someone who cN help me. I want to sue them company


I never buy income protection because I have a pre-existing condition so I know it’ll always come down to suing.
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You will rarely be getting 70-75%, I have stated that this is the max of what you could expect. You would need to contact our office to discuss legal fees for buyouts.

David Brannen

Disability Lawyer with Resolute Legal

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