Case manager wants details about mu counselling appointments

Am I expected to tell my case manager about my counselling appointments to receive benefits?

It is in your interests to provide as much information as possible that supports your claim for disability benefits. That can include counselling appointments if those sessions are dealing with conditions or issues related to the disability.

David Brannen

Disability Lawyer with Resolute Legal

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I saw my doctor and psychologist today(not at the same time).My doctor has taken me off current medication for anxiety and put me on a new one,I am taking medication for depression.
He said I should still be off work due to my anxiety&depression,it’s caused work related issues.Ive been on medication for depression for over 10 years and anxiety since last year.Panic attacks,
Both of them will give reports to my case manager of my insurance company.This seems like an uphill battle with the insurance company.Im giving CM everything she requests but doesn’t seem it’s enough.
It’s stressful just dealing with the insurance company while trying to get better at the same time.
I appreciate everyone’s advice on here.
Thank you!:pray:


Many people feel the same way and it’s unfortunate.
I don’t have any advice except to try to get a friend or relative to help you look after it.
Good luck.


I agree with OP. I am getting worse instead of better. The insurance company is constantly harassing me and it is all legal because the Government is in bed with them.

I cannot give details but I am being sent for a very lengthy test.

pm me for details if anyone wishes.

Yes it is extremely stressful dealing with the insurance company. Then to have to appeal the decision of CPPD. Certainty is added stress. Plus not to mention waiting weeks to get a response for emails sent to the insurance company.

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