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Why would my husbands boss ask him to say he wants to step down? They demoted him on monday and today they asked him to say he aked for the demotion. That’s wrong. He wont do. He said no way thats lying.

Are they asking him if he asked for the demotion or to say he’s asking to retire?
Maybe they are in financial difficulty and are trying to save money.
I think you need to ask an employment lawyer.

He has been a supervisor for year and all of a sudden they demote him but keep his salary then ask him to say he wants to step down.

Is he unionized?
I can’t think of a reason they want his permission to demote him.
Companies can change job descriptions, etc. whenever they want.
Maybe there was an harassment complaint and this is how they deal with it.
I personally wouldn’t agree to say that, you might make it harder if he needs to sue later.
Was the request via email or was it all verbal?
Did his manager ask him to tell hr that he requested the demotion?

If you have been demoted (less pay, less responsibility) then you can sue for severance because you’ve been constructively dismissed. If you are willing accept the demotion you can’t sue.

I’d recommend searching “constructive dismissal canada” and see if it’s something you want to pursue.

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Same pay les responsibility.

Accept it but don’t say your husband requested it.
I have no idea why they would ask that.

This is a very odd situation and is definitely not above board. This could be considered a constructive dismissal if the job description is changing (even though money is the same); however, you would need to figure out from a practical perspective what you want to do. A constructive dismissal just triggers a right to severance pay if you leave the job. If you want to stay there, then you may have to accept the new conditions.

This is the type of situation where you should seek legal advice if you have any inclination to treat this as a constructive dismissal. You may or may not meet those criteria. A lawyer would need a lot of information to give that advice.

If this demotion is done for an improper purpose (race, disability, gender, etc), then you would have recourse through human rights tribunals.

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