Requested to return my cell phone while on LTD


I am currently on LTD with a cell phone that I personally own but is being paid for by employer. They have all of sudden request I return the phone claiming it is a company phone. First, do I have to return the phone as it’s always been my personal number prior to being employed by them and second, can they discontinue paying the bill as its my only means currently to keep in contact with any work related items ie email.

Thank you.

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Hi, not sure about your scenario but we would let employees port their number to a cellphone plan that the employee paid for so they didn’t lose their number.

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Do you have the receipt to prove you own the phone?
Tell them you own the phone and they just paid for the plan.
Ya, they can stop paying the bill.
You can get a cheap pay as you go plan for like $10 and use free WiFi.
You may not be able to keep your # if you switch from a monthly plan to a pay as you go plan but it can’t hurt to ask. Good luck.

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Thanks for the feedback! I have resolved the issue by putting the phone back onto my name and plan.

Great, glad you got it settled.