Reducing ltd by after tax cpp payments

Thank you David for your response. Very interesting information.

There is no usual range per se. This issue gets rolled into all other things being negotiated. It is a factor that influences both sides negotiating positions. If there is a lump sum settlement offer, it is just one fact that goes into final amount agreed upon.

Its always possible. this is the type of consumer issue that class actions were created for. There are a lot of issues with what can and can’t be pursued as a class action. I anticipate that such an action would be limited to each policy, which severely limits the ability to do a typical class action.

Thank you David, we look forward to you representing us with this action.

Did that case get secretly settled?

Tribunal rejected the argument per this post Reilly v. Ford Motor Company: Challenge to the deduction of CPP-D benefits from private disability insurance payments

Very interesting. In my husband’s case, he isn’t receiving the amount he is supposed to as the insurance company is taking the whole amount of the CPP disability (not taking tax into consideration) so perhaps there is discrimination in his case. I trust that David will get to the bottom of it for us.