Question re: termination and severance

6 months after I reached the two year mark was suppose to get an initial letter asking if I was returning (August) - did not happen. If I was unable to return to work in 2-3 months after receiving the initial letter was suppose to receive a termination package.(has not happened)
Question: Considering that it would probably be cheaper for my company to continue to pay my group benefits and not terminate me until I have to retire at age 65 (another 2.5 years.) versus pay out severance, is that possible even tho HR initially expressed a different outcome.
I also here that the HR dept has had some major changes and new staff.

They may not have to pay severance.
Read the article David wrote.

It’s possible hr didn’t follow up.
Who lnows.
It’s not in your interest to remind them you exist so don’t. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jammer for responding. Where do I find David’s article

I think it is this article

Depends a lot on your employer I think.

Hi Jammar,
Upon talking to a friend who was a manager I realized that I got the wrong info from the HR person. The two year mark starts when you first acquire LTD not when you are initially off sick. That makes more sense to me so I should be getting an initial letter in January. We will see. Thanks for all your support!!