Help! Bank Locked my Chq Account CPPD + Corona Benefits - Bank Suspects Fraud

Hello, I lost my card…well it went through the wash & didn’t work any longer. I have an account with Motus, which is one of these online only banks… I did what I know to do & the only option I have to get access to my account other than transfer funds, so I requested a new card.

Fast forward a bit/ long story short…rent time plus bill time is here &: “oh shoot I have to set up the new card” along with: “oh shoot I lost the pin letter”. Not thinking much of it… expecting a thourough security check, I called in to the bank to take care of the situation. Again the only real option other than requesting another new card or the pin be mailed to me again- I didn’t have time because its the 29th & rent is due!

I did not expect what was to come… They blocked my account because of suspected fraud. Now I am late on my rent plus bills…this being my main bank, all my funds are in there.

I don’t use my account often. What I do is transfer my budgetted ammount to a cash back pre paid credit card(KOHO) for bills and expenses & a bit to RBC for other bills. There aren’t many other transactions on there outside of the Government payments. I can see how it looks but are they allowed to do this? I have never been late on rent(bills…ok…I’,m not perfect ya know :stuck_out_tongue: )… my dissabillities are already anxiety and bad depression plus a large and ever increasing set of physical barriers… in the last 3 years I hadn’t had any sucicidal ideation which started to creep up on me due to this. I have been told a number of times that I would get a response “tomorrow” but don’t hear back from anybody.

Maybe I was a bit too casual when I first called in? My father was arguing with me about how it was possible to lose that letter with the pin when the rep answerred the call. Then while she was verifying my account, which I expected(I want my bank to be doing these types of safety checks), this is where things got weird. As mentioned I do not make that many transactions…so some long stretches it’s just Government deposits… I had recently recieved my GST payment plus Corona benefit(I was working as an extra for the movies which is a perfect job for my situation but the whole industry shut down). I have followed all the documentation that is online to make sure I fall in line with the curent programs & situations. There is one thing that the lady kinda focussed on saying something about my name not matching…on my CPP which was set up years ago… It has my full name. By that I mean my first name, familly name & my middle name.Do forms nowadays even have an option to put in a middle name? But my new ID does not have my middle name on it.

This is the 3rd day now & all my money is tied up in that account. I am not too sure what to do here… are they even allowed to do this?

Yikes. Here’s a series of escalation steps you can try tomorrow Contact Us | motusbank

Thank you! & good news… but…I was told a number of times that they would call me but nothing. I didn’t want to risk anything further of happening to m yaccount. I actually realy like Motus. they have great rates compared to other finnancial institutions.(not meant to be a promo :upside_down_face:)

I just called in, I noticed that the messages in the secure messaging section had been updated to “All Fraud” instead of “Member Services”- most likelly some internal code for the fraud department. Spoke to the rep & he said… “Alls good, your account is unlocked…”. In my excitement I stumbled over my words… probably sounding like the old Roger Rabit carttoons abbitty abitty ahhhh & a thanks & hung up. Complettelly missing the first objective of calling in which was regarding my new card.

I am greatful that they do such checks & balances…where I can see someone that may not be accustom to seeing government payments be extra concerned. I’ve heard numerous situations where direct deposit information was easilly transferred. There was 1 case at the beggining of the Corona times where a traffic stop was made & the officer found 20 benefits cheques, All to differrent names. Yikes![quote=“Caro, post:2, topic:3353, full:true”]
Yikes. Here’s a series of escalation steps you can try tomorrow Contact Us | motusbank