Functional Capacity Test-Chronic Pain/Fatigue?

Anyone here been through a functional capacity test/evaluation? My spouse likely has progressive MS (radiologist, pain doctor convinced he has-neurologist not yet) So he has chronic pain and fatigue. It is endurance that is an issue.

If he needs more evidence of disability related to work I am trying to decide if I should have the testing done or maybe have an OT do vocational review?

The other option is a neuropsych exam-I am going to see if his psychiatrist can get the hospital to do. His neurologist believes his memory/cognitive problems are medication/depression. I think it is the lesions in his brain and more organic.

It is super expensive for the above but I have amazing benefits and if there is a prescription I might get 90% covered.

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The first test sounds like the test they do for stroke survivors.
I don’t know why you’d want to have the tests done on your own.
Has he had an MRI done, that will prove he has MS.
Does your neurologist think there is an alternative to the medication he prescribed?
And if your husband has depression, isn’t that expected of someone having MS?
Do you want these tests done because the neurologist thinks he can work?

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His Doctors support his application for CPP-D. His MRI’s are strongly suggestive and most likely conclusive for Multiple Sclerosis. MS is often a long process until the definite diagnosis is made.
The other tests are not considered medically necessary but are often very helpful to prove lack of work capacity.
I would rather pay for the tests or go through the public system than have an Insurer control the process. Or I think I would offer to split the fee to the assessor with the Insurer so that there is a reduced chance of bias or undue influence.

I just don’t think a functional capacity test would be worthwhile in assessing chronic pain and fatigue.

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I agree that a Functional Capacity Test is not useful for most Chronic Pain / Fatigue situations. Unless you have a very knowledgable assessor, then you will get cookie-cutter results that will not match with reality.