Disability Tax Credit and Your Pay Cheque

Hi there hoping someone has some information on this… I usually claim the Disability Tax Credit when I file my tax return each year. However, I recently started a new job and when I was provided with the tax forms to fill out for my new employer there was a line item asking if I was claiming the Disability Tax Credit for the year and if so to enter $8412 (I think that’s the number). How does this affect my pay cheque? Does this mean that I get more taxes taken from me at each pay period or does it mean I get less tax taken out for each pay period? I’m confused. HELP!

If you claim it on the employer form, you will get more money paid to you each pay period and a smaller refund at tax time. The total amount of taxes you pay won’t change, it’s just the timing of paying them that will be different.

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Thank you so much for your info. I feel better about it now.

The employer will deduct LESS tax off your paycheck. :slight_smile:
Caro is correct.

Thank you very much. I looked for this info online but only got info regarding claiming it with your taxes at the end of the year. I appreciate your note.