Disability pension


To whom it may concern… My sister is was born with downs sindrome. She is a Canadian citizen and is 48 years old… Since my mother’s death,she has come to live with me in Italy…My question is… Is she eligable for disability benifits? She was born in Canada but due to her health issues, she has never worked.

                                  thanking you in advance.... 
                                                                 Loreta alonzi


ODSP requires:

  • be an Ontario resident

CPP-D requires that they paid into the program during working years.

I can’t think of any programs.
Hopefully someone else will have some ideas.
Good luck.


Yes it’s possible to get benefits…First off she is Canadian Citizen you said has. She lived here in Canada for 20 yrs after she turned 18 If yes that’s good and the country must have a agreement with us look into it and find out Social. Security agreement G.L